Working packages

Posted: 18.05.2021

WP1. Preparation


  • A1.1.2/ Elaboration of the Project’s Handbook
  • A1.1.3/ Elaboration and signature of Partnership Agreements
  • A1.2.1/ Development and completion of QA evaluation questionnaires
  • A1.2.2/ Elaboration of country profile

WP2. Development and advancement of national legislative framework on QA


  • A2.1.1/ Setting up the National Policy Task Force on QA
  • A2.1.2/ Country workshops on QA development
  • A2.1.3/ Study visit on institutional QA development at system level (members of the NPTF from MD)
  • A2.2.1. / Elaboration and adoption of QA tools
  •  A2.2.1.1 / Recommendations for reforming the national methodology on institutional QA accreditation
  • A2.2.1.2 / Amendments to the Code of Education of the Republic of Moldova
  • A2.2.1.3 / Adoption and publishing of evaluation procedures for accreditation of joint programs and final
  • A2.4.2/ Translation, publishing of the institutional QA External evaluation guide

WP3. Advancement of university integrative function on QA


  • A3.1.1/ Setting up the university QA working groups (UQA)
  • A3.1.2/ Study visit on UQA strategy development (University of Montpellier/FRANCE)
  • A3.1.2/ Study visit on UQA strategy development ( study visit to the University of Salamanca /SPAIN )
  • A3.1.2/ Study visit on UQA strategy development (study visit to the Leipzig University / GERMANY) 
  • A3.1.3/ Development, adoption of institutional QA strategies (including the Action Plan)
  • A3.3.1/ Training seminars on QA development and International institutional accreditation
  • A3.3.2/ Developing  the application for international accreditation

WP4. Enhancement of institutional capacities for implementation of QA reform


  • A4.1.1/ Training seminars for university staff on institutional QA  implementation
  • A4.1.2/Consolidation of the university structures for QA
  • A4.1.3/ Acquisition, installation of the equipment
  • A4.2./ Elaboration of the Action Plan following the external evaluation reports on institutional accreditation

WP5. Quality plan


5.1.1/ Elaboration of monitoring & evaluation manual

A.5.2/Elaboration of advisory recommendations

A5.3/ Fine tuning of procedures and regulations

A5.4./ External financial audit

WP6. Dissemination, Exploitation and Impact maximization


A6.1.1/ Elaboration of project`s dissemination strategy

A6.1.2/ Design of project`s identity, promo materials &web page

A6.1.3/ Launching and concluding conferences

A6.2.1/ Country workshops

A6.2.2/ Mass-media dissemination 

A6.3.1/ Institutional dissemination events

A6.3.2/ Publication of articles

A6.4./ TG satisfaction survey

WP7. Project Management


A7.1.1./ Day by day project coordination

A7.1.2./ Consortium meetings

A7.1.3./ Interim & Final reports

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