a) Objectives and expected outcomes

Posted: 18.05.2021

To contribute to deeper integration of Moldova into EHEA through the enhancing of quality assurance in higher education system


OB1: To promote and strengthen the Quality Assurance culture in Moldova and to build national consensus of the key-actors on the development issues by November 2023.

OB2: To develop and advance a national legislative framework and stimulate regulatory changes on Quality Assurance in HEIs in Moldova by November 2023.

OB3: To enhance the Quality Assurance management of HEIs in Moldova through International institutional accreditation by November 2023.

OB4: To build the institutional capacities of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Moldova for efficient and effective implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) reform by November 2023.


National level

  • Recommendations for reforming the national Methodology on institutional QA accreditation developed;
  • Developed amendments to the Code of Education of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Developed evaluation procedures for accreditation of joint programs;
  • Developed QA institutional external evaluation guide.

University level

  • University strategies for QA development elaborated and adopted at each institution PCUs;
  • QA manuals modernized at each national university involved in the project;
  • Action plans for further QA consolidation elaborated after passing the international accreditation (sustainability of the project);
  • The methodology of external institutional QA evaluation of HEIs applied;
  • Active online platform for institutional QA external evaluation.

Moldovan society

  • Developed QA culture in Moldova;
  • National consensus of the key-actors on QA;
  • Advancementof the national legislative framework on QA in Moldova;
  • Enhanced QA management of HEIs in Moldova through International institutional accreditation.

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